Early Masterpiece Shawls of Kashmir

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Plate Two
Length: 14 1/2 inches
Width: 5 3/4 inches
Warp: 196 per inch
Weft: 196 per inch
Condition: fragment
Collection: Calico Museum of Textiles; Ahmedabad and another smaller fragment (not illustrated) Victoria and Albert Museum; London


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If Plate One is the archetype for many later shawls this example is the prototype. Unlike the surreal look of Plate One here we see one that is more realistic. When stared at for some time it appears imbued with movement, its leaves blown by an invisible wind. Capturing this motion in a weaving is as remarkable as the previous Plate's archaic character is astounding.

The exhibition Plates have been arranged in chronological order beginning with the earliest examples. The traditional way to rank them would be to base this chronology on the criteria set out in the theoretical model formulated by Irwin. However there is another more effective one: Using the progressive changes in the border designs surrounding the large panels containing the naturalistic plant forms rather than the plants themselves.