Early Masterpiece Shawls of Kashmir

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Plate Twelve
Length: 51 inches
Width: 50 inches
Warp: 192 per inch
Weft: 192 per inch
Collection: on loan to Weaving Art Museum


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Like Plate 8, this shawl has another incipient version of the paisley or boteh design with a naturalistic plant form clearly retained. While not as early it, too, can be dated to the SFP. The use of only one botanically correct flower, the rose, and the retention of a vestigial bent root, one of the most realistic interpretations of this feature on any shawl, all speak well for placing this shawl closer to the beginning than to the end of this period.

The subtle but noticeable outline of the paisley is delineated by the positioning of the blooms and accentuated by the previously discussed uppermost one's curving tip or finial. It is not until sometime well after 1800 the interior drawing of the paisley begins to change and looses any relationship to the earlier styles of naturalistic representation of flower, leaves, stem and branches seen here and Plate 8.