The links between the slit-tapestry fragment (fig.1), which appears on the opening page, and the knotted-pile one (fig.2) on the home page are unmistakable and amazing as an almost 1000 year period separates them. Both of these weavings are based on an archaic mythological figure - the master/mistress of the animal world. All the icons in the slit-tapestry—the large birds, their exaggerated tail feathers, the stripes on their bodies, the deity figure, the hooks, and even the gold field color—were retained and remained together as an ensemble for many hundreds of years to reappear in the later pile woven version.

These weavings and the traditional weaving culture that connects them, as well as a number of similar examples, will be shown and discussed in the coming exhibition “A New Look at Some Ancient Carpet Fragments.”


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