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Plate Eleven
9 inches x 6 inches
22.5 cm. x 15 cm.

This soumak bag face is quite diminutive in size but surely not in iconographic content. The largest horizontal stripe contains a seminal version of a design, which appears on a group of later soumak weavings known as mafrash.(1) The square boxes in the center of the hooked pattern above could very well share a common design source with those seen in the previous example. In fact these two weavings also share the same border design, the random placement of white dots and large octagons with hooked-design interiors.

Again similar materials and dyeing to those of plate three and ten are present and consistent with a Talish area attribution.

1. These box-like containers, which were presumably used as cradles or storage bags, invariably display a similar but far less articulated version of this design.

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