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Plate Ten
1 foot 11 inches x 2 feet
58 cm. x 61 cm.

No animals or stars have been included anywhere in the design of this soumak bag, whose lattice field has octagonal compartments alternating with square boxes. Each of the large over proportionalized hooked-designs which fill every octagon encloses an enigmatic staff-like design and each square box contains an oversized X. One clue, which may help to provenance this soumak, is the subtle design similarity this bag face shares with plate three. Notice how the bottom horizontal innermost minor border stripe extends past the vertical ones and forms a platform or foot upon which the field design rests. This same feature has been duplicated here implying the strong possibility that this design similarity as well as those of wool quality and dyeing suggest that these examples were both made by the same specific weaving group.

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