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Figures captions 36-42

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Classic Group
Size: 432.5 cm. x 115 cm.

This kelim and the next exhibit the lack of iconographic content present in post-Archaic group weaving. They capture our attention with their generously proportioned patterns and crisp, clear color combinations. However, when the individual designs are examined only mute, highly stylized symbols remain. The weavers of Classic group pieces were some how cut off and the absence of any recognizable icons from the library of prehistoric image/symbols demonstrates this isolation. Frequently the design elements in Classic group examples were directly lifted from earlier kelims, unlike the Archaic group's use of much earlier Paleolithic and Neolithic design sources.

Here the main design fig.36 was inspired by elements taken directly from Plate Two, particularly the secondary motif fig.37 This relationship becomes obvious when these designs are reduced to their primary elements for comparison figs.38 and 39. The weaver/creator of this kelim then took a simplified version of fig.36 and placed on top of it one of the five large designs fig.40, taken from Plate Two's the widest end panel. Notice how the designs fig.41,surrounding the three major motifs in Plate Two, have not been forgotten but placed within the reused former end panel motif. Also, notice how the S motifs, fig.42, placed in the narrowest end panel stripe in Plate Two have migrated into the secondary field stripes seen above.

Occasionally, as is described above, these earlier icons can be identified but more often they have been so well hidden under successive layers of added symbols and are not so easily found.
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