Figure Captions

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fig.30 Painted plaster wall-relief showing the diety holding a twinned fabric c. 6300BC from Catal Huyuk level VII.
Catal Huyuk - A Neolithic Town in Anatolia

fig.31 Simple so-called brace-like design c.13000BC from Cougnac, southwest France. Treasures of Prehistoric Art

fig.32 Fragment of a ceremonial bowl from Hacilar c.6000BC.
pg.112 Excavations at Hacilar

fig.33 Double handled ritual cup painted in deep red on an ivory slip from Hacilar level IIa.
pg. 121 Excavations at Hacilar

fig.34 Ritual ceramic buff-ware bowl painted in brown on a white backround c.2700BC from Mehrgarh, Indus Valley.
pg. 250 Vergessen Stadte Am Indus